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Nibiru coordinates : 11h 29m 57.09s +03° 14' 38.2"

This scheming picture was broadcast on several alternative sites, it shows that many big seisms are separated by one spaces of 188 days so less or more 6 months.
Besides, it points out that their succession is made according to the form of a quadrilateral, what is a rather crazy idea, we will only keep in mind that seisms all occurred in the ring of fire encircling the Peaceful ocean.

Here is the sequence :

February 27th, 2010: seism of Chile of magnitude 8.8
190 days
September 4th, 2010: seism of New Zealand (Christchurch) of magnitude 7.0
188 days
March 11th, 2011: seism of Japan of magnitude 8.9
188 days
On September 15th, it is not California which was affected by a big seism but islands Fiji (7.3 according to Richter scale).
They also signal a series of other earthquakes in Cuba (6.0), in Alaska (6,1), and in California (4,3) as well as in Japan (6,2) and in New Zealand (6,0).

It is obvious that there is a correlation between these earthquakes and this intervall of time.
Therefore every 6 months since Februar,y 2010, an unknown cause triggers off earthquakes.
 So we need  to know  to what corresponds this period of 6 months, it cannot be about the influence of a planet of solar system because no one has this orbital period.

Other remarkable fact regarding this series of seisms, their power is alternated, the big seism of Chile (8,8) that more modest of Christchurch (7,1) succeeds, 6 months later on March 11th, 2011 it is the méga seism of Japan (9), on September 15th they bring back a seism of 7,2 in iliac tracts Fiji.

Now, if we take into account that every 6 months, the Earth meets of the sun on either side, we will be forced to suppose that it is at the time of crossing this imaginary axle that these seisms took place.

Les 2 séismes du haut sont les plus destructeurs ( 8,8 et 9).
For the attention of the sceptics, I had already explained energy how can be passed on between heavenly bodies, it is a notion known since antique and that modern science buried at the beginning of 20 ème century (thank you Einstein), it will be enough to enquire about the signification of Ether to persuade yourself of it.

Therefore, knowing that heavenly bodies transmit energy when they are
having lined up and that this energy creates earthquakes, we
can logically deduct from it that a mysterious heavenly body interacts with
sun and our planet in space of 6 months each time our planet crosses the axle located between him and our sun.

When the earth passes between the sun and this heavenly body, energy is more
powerful that at the time when it is the sun which fits between Earth and this heavenly body.
We can then deduct  from which direction comes this heavenly body and aim a télescope in this direction.

At this date, on September 15th, 2011, Nibiru is always hidden by the crown of the sun, with a little of chance and patience it would be visible in some days.
In September 15th Nibiru is positioned just behind the sun, we only have to consult a astronomical calendar to acquire coordinates of the sun at that time.

11 h 29m 57.09s 03 ° 14 ' 38.2"
Which are also  a good approximation of the coordinates of Nibiru..

Besides, if the data are not falsified and with little luck it would be possible to view Nibiru on the Soho and Stero sondes records.

There are many other things to be said on this subject, for example we can determine that Nibiru is still comparatively enough far since his angled instant in comparison with the sun had not varied too much during the last months.
We can also determine that his size is colossal because it succeeds in influencing us in spite of this distance.

The other critical information, it is that in 6 months, we are expecting a even more destructive seism than that of 11 march .
Nibiru gets closer then the effects should win in intensity.

For the time being, opinion to the amateurs : hunt is opened!

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